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The emergence and development of Taian advertising company

With the development of the newspaper communication industry, early forms of advertising companies appeared in Europe and the United States。 

In the United States, Volney B Pdmer began soliciting advertisements for newspapers and opened an advertising agency in Philadelphia in 1841。In many accounts, Palmer's newspaper advertising agency is regarded as one of the world's leading advertising companies。In 1845 and 1847, Palmer opened companies in Boston and New York。He was not only a middleman in the newspaper and advertising industry, but often wrote copy for his clients and took a 25% commission from the newspapers (later reduced to 5%).。George P. Rowell, in his advertising agency activities, bought space from newspapers and magazines in large quantities and then sold it to advertisers at a slightly higher fee, and his advertising activities were very popular with publishers at the time。1888 Lowell founded an American advertising "printers lnk" (printers lnk)。

The first example of an advertising agency that approximated the modern sense should be the Ayer & Son advertisement that appeared in Philadelphia in 1869。F. Wayland Ayer, who was only 20 years old at the time, borrowed $250 from his father to start an advertising agency and, fearing that others would think he was too young to be trusted, named his father's name, Ayer & Sons Advertising Agency。In the beginning, Ayer was also an intermediary business, and around 1890, he designed a public advertising rate, telling clients his bottom line for buying space and the conversion price including his own commission。He provides clients with a variety of services such as designing, writing copy, advising and arranging appropriate media。As a result, Iyer has been called "the forerunner of the modern advertising agency" by advertising historians.。

At the end of the 19th century, most advertisements were printed advertisements in newspapers and magazines。There are two characteristics of advertising: first, advertising works are based on text and supplemented by illustrations, and many people even oppose the use of illustrations;Second, British and American advertising works show the creative tendency of "art for art's sake"。Ballad advertising is widely popular, and the flowery rhetoric is embellished in the fashion, and the advertising manuscript is regarded as a sub-literary work。

In the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, advertising companies have been greatly developed, the number of companies continues to increase, its service functions continue to improve, the service field continues to expand, advertising companies from domestic to foreign development, some multinational advertising companies are showing in front of the world at an amazing speed。

As early as 1849, the British advertising agency Mercer & Crowther, the predecessor of Ogilvy & Mather, had 100 employees and provided advertising services similar to those of the American firm Ayer & Sons。In 1880, a Japanese advertising agency "Airdo Group" opened in Tokyo, followed by "Hirohodo", "Advertising agency", "Sansei agency", "Maseiro agency" have appeared。In October 1895, "Hakuhodo" officially opened, and in July 1901, "Nippon Advertising Co., LTD." was established。stateside,A series of advertising agencies emerged during this period,如洛德暨托马斯广告公司、J·w·汤逊广告公司(J·Walter Thompson)、扬·罗必凯广告公司、BBDO广告公司、李奥·贝纳广告公司、麦肯广告公司、本顿暨鲍尔斯广告公司、奥美广告公司、DDB广告公司(Doyle Dane Bernbach)、达彼思广告公司(Ted Bates)等。

There are three major cities in the world today known as the world advertising, namely: New York, Tokyo and London, each year has tens of billions of dollars of advertising from these three cities。New York is the cradle of advertising and has many advertising agencies。"Madison Avenue" has long been synonymous with high standards in the world advertising industry。The International Advertising Association, the world's advertising trade body, is headquartered in New York。In 1991, advertising agencies in London produced $12 billion in advertising, ranking third in the world。

Since the 1970s, there have been a number of new advertising agencies in London, such as J. W. Towson Advertising Company London and Raul Howard Spink Company, all based in London。London has begun to enjoy the reputation of "the art of advertising"。However, in the nature of advertising, some people think that "advertising in the United States is business, while advertising in Britain is entertainment."。Tokyo has become one of the world's advertisements 。One of the world's largest advertising agencies, Dentsu Advertising, is based in Tokyo。

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